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Alicia Hurley

HR Consultant

Alicia Hurley returns to the team at HR Now as an HR Consultant!

Alicia first worked with us from 2017 to 2020, following this she joined the Aztec Group as Senior HR Operations Officer. At Aztec Alicia gained exposure to all jurisdictions, inclusive of America, Luxembourg, UK & Ireland and of course Guernsey and Jersey. Often acting as a main contact point for many employees cross-jurisdictions and acting as the operational support throughout the employee lifecycle and HR operational projects. 

She has CIPD level 5 and has worked for a wide range of clients – local industry, finance, and professional services, as well as the regulator, JCRA. She is looking forward to working with some of those clients again.

Alicia will be the digital lead for anyone interested in an HR information system, helping you to make informed decisions about your people management.

What Makes me Smile?

I like to be outside in nature, often choosing cold outdoor holidays rather than sunny beach vacations. I own a horse of which I do dressage or what Becky calls the “dancey, prancey stuff!” and a dog that has vast amounts of energy. I love my family and they are very important to me. I also enjoy the occasional champagne cocktail from No.10 and afternoon tea with friends!