HR Management Systems

HR Management Systems or HR Information Systems (HRIS) are the best way to improve efficiency and accuracy in people processes and the collection, storage and use of data. And there are some exciting innovations in automation!

Good data is critical for good decision making. Safe data is critical for data protection and GDPR compliance. Portable data supports the modern, virtual office.

HRIS platforms offer a range of functionality, which includes:

  • Remote employee database and document management, including easy access to company documentation, such as your HR Handbook
  • Management and regulatory reporting
  • Employee self-service for holidays
  • Performance management tracking
  • Applicant and talent tracking
  • Payroll integration

We start by discussing your goals, requirements and budget before offering one of four options, all ensuring compliance and commerciality, as you would expect from us.

Download our HR Information Systems flyer that explains why your organisation should be considering HRIS.


Option 1: Breathe HR – hosted by us

We are extremely pleased to be an Accredited Breathe Partner. This means we can manage your people information in Breathe HR, including all associated administration and reporting. The costs vary according to your specific needs. FIND OUT MORE 


Option 2: Breathe HR – self-hosted

If you prefer to manage your own data, we can help with the implementation on your own system and will be on hand to offer support and advice, on a time-spent basis.

Option 3: People HR

We have a robust understanding of this system and experience in implementing it. PeopleHR has more advanced functionality, which includes a built-in Applicant Tracking System, customisable reports and offers more personal options for your business. Pricing is based on a time-spent basis.

Option 4: Your own chosen system

Whether you have your own preferred system, or simply feel the other options are not for you, we can help to source and implement the HRIS system of your choice. Pricing is based on a time-spent basis.


HR Handbooks

We will work with you to create a solution that works for your business and offer innovative options for the format and distribution of your handbooks, designed to complement the way that you work and communicate with your People.

Option 1: Traditional print

Delivered to you in Word and PDF formats, this version is the simplest and most familiar option.

Option 2: “Paper” handbook in online format

Using innovative technology, we can turn your paper handbook into an online publication, shared with your people through a link. They can access, search and print it from their own devices.

Option 3: Online only, innovative design

If you are looking for something completely different, this is the option for you! This version does away with the traditional while staying completely compliant with employment law.