Tony Portrait
IN THREE WORDS: Sorts stuff out

Tony Riley

Senior HR Consultant

I came to Jersey in 2011 as an HR Consultant to lead the HR department for Health and Social Services for four months while a permanent replacement was sought.  I must have impressed someone because half way through I was asked to apply for the role, offered a three-year contract and in fact left seven years later!   

Originally from Middlesbrough, my first job after college was with Lloyds Bank.  Banking wasn’t for me but my work as a Union rep was really interesting and the union persuaded the Bank to second me to work for them for three years, based in London, with a national role that included the Channel Islands, providing my first experience of this beautiful island. 

My career really accelerated when I became Employee Relations Officer for Bart’s Hospital, where I also acquired a Diploma in Employment Law, a Masters Degree and attended the Harvard Leadership Programme.  In 2002 I was appointed as Executive HR Director at Derby Hospital and joined the National HR Capacity Board.   During my time there I qualified as a 6 Thinking Hats Practitioner, and memorably co-presented at a conference with Edward De Bono, the creator of the programme.  That was definitely a career highlight, he is incredible!   Derby is also the UK home of Toyota, the global leader in LEAN where I gained my Lean Green Belt.   

Over the years I have developed a successful track record in managing organisational change, including redundancy programmes, mergers, outsourcing and TUPE and can boast a 100% success rate in defending Tribunals. I have also often acted as a Non-Executive Director. 

Before coming to Jersey I had been running my own HR consultancy for three years, specialising in covering HR Director vacancies, as a strategic Board adviser and in transforming HR teams.

I’ve been with Becky since 2018 and enjoy the variety of our clients – from Parishes to Hedge Funds and local charities to UK manufacturers.  I have grown up children and three grandsons, am a keen SCUBA diver, a competitive pub quizzer, an excellent cook and a movie buff.  I also love walking – and do several miles every day!