Managing Strategy

Your business goals and objectives may be constant but so is the need to adapt the strategies you develop to achieve them to meet and manage the rapidly changing internal and external environments we live and work in.

We will work with you to develop thinking, practices and tools to address the increasing layers of complexity that affect your business and your workforce, to ensure the wellbeing of your people and business productivity remain at the top of the agenda.

Our team has years of hands-on industry experience in areas such as:

  • People – aligning and integrating your recruitment, talent management, reward and development strategies to your business needs and position in the market.
  • Culture – in the words of Sarah Clayton – “Few things are more important during a change event than communication from leaders who can paint a clear and confidence-inspiring vision of the future.” We will help you to do just that - develop the framework and embed the behaviours that ensure your people feel engaged, valued, keen to bring your vision and values to life – and stay when the going gets tough.
  • Compliance – in a constantly changing landscape it’s vital that you are abreast of employment legislation. We offer free advice guides and regular briefings and webinars to ensure nothing keeps you awake at night.
  • Compensation – including market reviews, benefit advice and annual review support.
  • Payroll – hosting, delivery and reporting; digital or traditional – we’ve developed the options so you have a choice.
  • Policy – and practice development to support Diversity and Inclusion, wellbeing programmes and the growth in focus on agile and hybrid working.
  • Board support – we have the toolkits to support your needs and include manuals, governance frameworks, coaching, appraisal and development.
  • Tribunals – we’re here to support you should the need arise, in every aspect from engagement with Unions to the negotiation of T’s and C’s and representation.

We have a proven track record, a qualified, experienced and friendly team and a host of happy clients. We’re here when you need us. Let’s chat!

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