Managing Change

Be it technological, environmental, social, market, welcome (or not so much), change is the new normal and most of us need help to navigate it sometimes.

When it comes to keeping your business and teams on track we will help you to determine the best way forward with clarity, structure and with your people at the heart of everything. We work with you to ensure your leaders inspire vision and embed your values through communication, collaboration and commitment.

We like to start with a workforce planning session to make sure we design the plans and proposals that are right for your business, market and objectives.

HR Now’s pragmatic and commercial approach to a myriad of complex, proactive and operational HR matters has given us an insight as to how an HR team should can run.

Paul Rouse - Systematica CFO/COO

These are some of the areas we work in:

  • Organisation design – and re-design, including team structure, talent testing, job design and evaluations.
  • Compensation, reviewing Terms and Conditions, market trends/salary benchmarking and compelling performance-focused reward propositions.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • And last on this list, which is far from exhaustive, support during times of social change – Black Lives Matter, #MeToo – for example.
  • Training needs analysis, personal development and succession planning.
  • Measurement, including performance management systems.
  • Restructures and redundancy programmes, career coaching and outplacement support.

You are assured of clear, accountable assignments to ensure equal buy-in for you, your people and your shareholders. Let’s chat.

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