IN FIVE WORDS: Methodical freckly likes chunky shoes

Rachel Lucas

HR Consultant

My Experience

My degree is in English and Drama and I have a Postgraduate degree in HR.  During the early part of my working life I managed to combine my love of both with a fantastic position in HR and Training with the National Theatre in London.

From there I moved to BBC magazines, the commercial side of the BBC, another interesting environment as at the time the BBC ran titles from Good Food to Top Gear and Teletubbies to Live & Kicking.  Apart from managing large recruitment and restructuring programmes I developed projects around improving the grade evaluation system and headed up the team outsourcing multiple payrolls.

Over the course of the next 10 years I set up a call centre for one of the largest UK student travel companies and spent over seven years with a fast growing PR company, setting up their HR function, writing policies and processes and later managing two mergers, which involved harmonising health care, pensions, terms and conditions etc, integrating teams across several locations, and introducing a cutting edge training strategy.

After returning to Jersey and starting our family, I joined HR Now where I get to use my wide commercial knowledge helping clients understand the complexities of employment law and equal opportunities, ensuring staff handbooks are up to date with best practice, and championing the importance of diversity and inclusion for business success.


My Specialisms

As well as helping small firms grip performance issues, evaluate resourcing planning or manage the minefields of long term sickness and disability, I am also involved in Government consultations around policy changes where I am passionate about giving our smaller SME clients a voice. 

This year I am delighted to be working with new clients in engineering and IT as well as providing advice on FWA requests and managing the complexities of parental leave as well as avoiding the pitfalls of the discrimination law to promote equal opportunities.


What can we do for you?

We are mindful of the hunt for talent and trying to plan longer term more resilient resourcing solutions including policies around WFH or hybrid options.  Whilst we always promote the most commercial and compliant outcomes, I am proud to hand hold those who need to robustly defend their business and their reputation.  We are not afraid to step up to the challenge. We’ve also seen a big increase in the number of employers who are dealing with long-term sickness issues. We can help you navigate those difficult conversations, policy issues, and decisions.


What makes me smile?

In my spare time I Zumba, I help on the scouts executive and I love cooking and singing, occasionally at the same time.  As I missed a big birthday celebration in Covid I am hoping to finally go on safari in 2024!