Talent Acquisition & Management

Aligning your organisation’s business strategy with your people strategy requires managed planning.


Talent acquisition along with keeping your employees engaged and focussed through workplace wellbeing initiatives can be time consuming and in turn take you away from your core business responsibilities. 


Why use HR Now for your Outsourced Talent Acquisition?

Our expert Consultants have experience in assessing and identifying talent. We understand today’s multi-generational workforce, the importance of your organisations' brand and building relationships.


With this enviable experience and network, it seemed logical to extend our core services and we are happy to announce, HR4HR Recruitment.


HR4HR Recruitment will focus exclusively on HR professionals because we know what it takes to be one - across all industries.


Whether you are looking to outsource your talent acquisition or for a candidate you will be in good hands.


Our Promise:

We are committed to: assisting professionals to find new HR roles, whilst ensuring organisations source top talent for their HR vacancies.


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What Employers can expect 

What Applicants can expect


Talent Management

No matter what sector you are in, your employees are your most important assets so, it is paramount to have the right organisation strategy, structure and processes in place to ensure they can thrive.


Talent management incorporates all activities with the aim to recruit, retain and develop the best talent to support your businesses success.


Despite your sector or size, we can support you with:

  • Succession planning
  • Engagement surveys
  • Talent Identification - Why go outside when you can stay inside?
  • Improving performance culture
  • Employee orientation and onboarding processes
  • Establishing regular communication practices with employees
  • Data management to make data-driven decisions
  • Wellbeing and engagement initiatives
  • Manager toolkit training


Get in touch today to talk about how our experienced HR consultants can help you and your employees thrive.

HR Now were invaluable in assisting us to source and select a new addition to our Senior Leadership Team. From identifying good candidates and designing rigorous and inventive selection techniques, to providing effective support to the process and feeding back to candidates, HR Now were key to the success of the recruitment exercise.

Tim Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Jersey Post