HR Toolkits

We know that the most effective tools are those that the client wants to use. Therefore, they need to be simple, creative and adaptable.


We offer an annual subscription service to keep all of your HR documents agile and compliant in a cost-effective manner. We also offer an 'as required' ad hoc service for the following:

   • Statements of employment terms (contracts) for permanent and temporary employees and statements for zero-hour workers
   • Handbooks – the traditional paper format or our new digital version
   • Drafting or tailoring policies to align with internal practices and legislation updates
   • Licence applications
   • Performance processes and goal and objective setting
   • Processes for the employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement
   • Job descriptions and recruitment
   • Competencies, talent plans, development matrices and succession plans
   • Wellbeing and reward packages
   • Employee Engagement Surveys


Working in collaboration with Jersey Business we created an HR Toolkit to help our clients' businesses succeed and have the appropriate policies and procedures in place. The HR Toolkit for Small Business is an overview of the key legislation affecting employment.

At IPM we flex to ensure we keep pace with changes in the market as well as the needs of our clients. Rachel and HR Now support our business in realigning our resources and provide a sound basis for our employment requirements including standard contracts, handbooks and advice and support during the recruitment process to ensure we operate commercially and compliantly. HR Now have also provided invaluable support during some of the tricky times with HR disputes, disciplinary and redundancy processes. They have been a reliable confidential ear and sounding board over the last five years.

David Mason