HR People Management

HR situations vary and that is why we take a pragmatic approach to provide the support and counsel you need.

By engaging with a neutral third party, the two sides are brought together to air and reconcile their differences before the ‘emotional contract’ is broken and employment ends.

With early intervention into grievances, disciplinary or capability issues your business can avoid expensive disputes or tribunal claims. The consequences of not resolving these matters effectively are too great to ignore and your employer brand can also be affected. 


We are also experienced in Mediation or Conflict Resolution and have achieved very favourable results.

Becky Hill, principal of HR Now, is accredited by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), the international benchmark for mediation excellence.


If your business is going through a Restructure or Redundancies, we also offer an Outplacement Service (Career transition), that will offer support to terminated employees.  

  • We are independent and offer an unbiased approach when it comes to scanning the horizon for opportunities.
  • We use our wide network across various industries to spot opportunities and make introductions.

Every now and then workplace issues arise and emotions can get in the way of rebuilding relationships. We had one of those situations recently but, fortunately Becky was able to mediate with the parties and they came together to find a resolution that was fair to both parties. Becky’s straight forward impartial facilitation approach created the opportunity for them to air their views and resolve matters before they became in-trenched in their positions. They are still working well together.

Emma Stewart

Head of Human Resources

Voisin Law