IN FOUR WORDS: People-focused, experienced, and results-driven

Nivek Dove

HR Consultant

Jersey has been my home for over 20 years. With a desire to travel and an urge to be independent I left Leeds in 2001 where I held court as a Loans Officer at Barclays Mortgage Head Office.

Recruitment strategies were far less enthusiastic in 2001 and looked quite different to the social media influx which seems to land every day. 

After expressing my desire for change to my life long friend and colleague, I was alerted to the paper log of vacancies which circulated once a month. With curiosity and a determined finger in the air one Friday, I pinpointed Jersey as my next step. 

I joined the CI International Mortgage team shortly after and in the blink of an eye I was promoted to Premier Relationship Manager before being appointed as the Island Branch Manager 18 months later. With increased responsibilities in a regulated environment my inherent passion for L&D ensured I stayed relevant by completing the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice and the Certificate in Investment Advice and Pensions.

I left Barclays in 2007 to join the Private Banking Team at Kleinwort Benson where I managed my own portfolio of multi-currency credit clients until my little family came along almost 5 years later. This presented me with the opportunity to change direction and re-focus on my passion – People.

Experts will tell you the digital revolution started between the 50s and the 70s. Computers, video games, noisy analog consoles etc. For me it seemed to happen somewhere between 2011 and 2013 when I was on parental leave focused elsewhere.

When I raised my head above the maternal parapet and felt I could balance family with steps towards a new career, I realised levelling up was going to be a priority.

I completed the CIPD L3 and accepted operational roles to fast track experience. I completed the CIPD L5 in HR management and have since found my niche in senior HR positions in the finance sector.

With a professional career stretching over two decades in offshore financial services, I am proud to be a HR professional with a passion for people and demonstrable business acumen.

Working with HR Now is a strategic move which has given me the opportunity to work in the private sector with businesses I really understand how to help. It’s also given me the unique opportunity to expand the breadth of that experience into the wider public and third sectors. My voluntary work sits here and the valuable insight collected over time complements my professional HR experience to help provide advice and solutions tailored to individual and bespoke businesses.

CPD remains a priority for me. I’m currently enrolled on the CIPD Strategic People Management L7 and I am focussing on contemporary HR. Digital HR is the future and I’m invested here. I recently completed a course in digital marketing to complement continuous learning which is critical to staying relevant. 

Outside of work I have two children with a passion for athletics and tech in that order. Competitive teen sport seems to tenant the space that once occupied travel, reading, fitness & writing but socialising, good friends and exercise are still high on the agenda.